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2017 NBA Finals - Game Two

Oh, what a wonderful welcome back to the Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, after missing the majority of the playoffs. Glad to see him back on the sidelines. After a big blowout in game 1 they just continued on their winning ways, totally demolishing the Cleveland Cavaliers in game 2 of the NBA Finals. Controlling this game from start to finish yet again, beating the Cavaliers 132-113. Once again have the Warriors become unbeatable? With the combo of Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant playing at their best I strongly believe so. Can the Cavaliers come back stronger in game 3 after this massive blowout? They got to invent a master plan for game 3 on Wednesday on how to beat the Warriors, because at this moment it looks like there is no beating the Warriors. 

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Leading the scoring for Golden State was Kevin Durant once again , getting 33 pts with 13 rebounds,  6 assists and 3 steal. He was just as remarkable tonight as game 1. Finals MVP? Or is it to early? In addition to Durant’s spectacular performance, there was no stopping Stephen Curry. Curry scored some 32 pts with 10 rebounds and 11 assists. Klay Thompson surely played one of his best game in while, ending with 22 pts inclusive of 7 rebounds.          

Moving on to the Cavaliers performance, Lebron James lead his pack and also added to the history books once again. He tied with the great Magic Johnson in triple-doubles at an NBA Finals. They both have 8 triple-doubles. They started somewhat physical at the beginning of the game, however that faded away quickly coming into the third quarter. Defensively, they need to improve to get control of the Warriors. Kevin Love had a pretty good game scoring 27 pts with 7 rebounds. Honestly didn’t think Kyrie was at his best tonight, ending with 19 pts with 2 rebounds and 7 assists. Hopefully, he can get back to his regular game on Wednesday. 

2017 NBA Finals - Game Two
Photo Courtesy: Getty Images

The NBA Finals now move to Cleveland for game 3, Golden State Warriors leads the series 2-0. Can the Cavaliers get a win with homecourt advantage?  I think they will need way more than homecourt advantage, every member of the team from the starters to the bench need to be on their A game for game 3 on Wednesday.             

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