Blogging Challenge – Days 17 & 18

Unfortunately, the past two days were extremely busy for me, didn’t get the time to post. Headed out early, by the time I got back home, I ate dinner, took a shower and headed to bed. So, in this post I will be combining days 17 and 18.

Hope y’all enjoy đŸ™‚

July 17th -What kind of person attracts me?

Now, there are various traits, personalities etc. that could attract you to someone. Here are 10 things that attracts me to the opposite sex, this is in no particular order.

  • Authenticity – Got to be original. Always be yourself never try to be someone else. 
  • Height – I’m 160cm, you got to be approximately 175cm
  • Respectful – Who doesn’t like a respectful person? 
  • Honest
  • Sporty – Got to have an interest in sports like I do
  • Appearance – Got to be tidy
  • Intelligent 
  • Religious/ Spiritual
  • Loyal
  • Ambitious

July 18th – One  thing I will always do…

One thing I will always do is be myself. Sometimes you could be influenced by certain things or persons around you, just remember who you are. YOU ARE UNIQUE, NOT A DUPLICATE. ALWAYS BE YOURSELF đŸ™‚


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