Blogging Challenge – Days 28 & 29

I decided to combined days 28 and 29 together, since both were short. 

July 28th – Guilty pleasures

Image Source

Going to give y’all three of my guilty pleasures.

  1. Dipping potato chips in ice-cream 🙂
  2. Dancing home alone
  3. Potato chips – Pringles (Sour cream and onion) , Tortillas (Nacho)

July 29th – Three of my fears

Image Source
  1. Water (Beach/Pool) – I get panic attacks, heart starts racing any time I enter into these waters. I’m thinking learning to swim will help ease the fear.
  2. Heights – I always think about falling, landing hard.
  3. Elevators – I rather take the stairs…Lol. Afraid of getting stuck in there.

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