Blogmas 2017 – Day 9

Day 9 of blog as is a little bit different, wanted to post this for a while now. Today we will be discussing Stress Relievers.

I am pretty sure that we all have gone through some stressful periods in our lives. Stress can sometimes be a good thing but for the majority it isn’t. In terms of being a good thing, it can help you rise to a specific challenge that you may want to accomplish. However, there are various problems associated with stress. Some of these problems include depression, change in sleeping patterns, anxiety, nervous habits (example nailing biting and shaking of the leg), change in sleeping patterns and memory or thinking problems. From the list that I have provided, I have experienced the majority.

In my 25 years of existence on this earth, I have discovered several stress relievers to help me. Today, I’m naming three of the stress relievers that always works for me.

  • Colouring – Yes, I said colouring. Colouring is one of the most relaxing things to do. Currently, I am using a Rainforest theme colouring book for adults. Colouring relaxes the mind, body and soul. It usually takes some time to complete a page because of the detail and design of the page to colour.Β 
  • Praying – Prayer is everything. Close your eyes, keep calm and just speak to God. Trust me this works. Sometimes I will pick up my bible and read some scripture, in a calm and quiet setting.

WP_20171203_18_34_39_Pro (2)

  • Listening Music – Music is life. Honestly don’t know what the world would be without music. Music is always my first choice when under stress, the happiness I feel when music. Usually, I put the music up and sing and dance like I’m performing onΒ  a world stage.


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