Blogmas 2017 – Day 16

Coming to you guys with yet another DIY. Today, I will be sharing a simple way to make a DIY Christmas card. I am no the most artistic, however I love doing DIY, fun and it entertains me. 😊

✨ Things you will need:

  • red paper folder
  • a green Styrofoam paper
  • yellow paper folder
  • blue, green, gold glitter dust
  • scissors
  • glue
  • star decorations
  • a marker

✨ Process:

  • Using the red folder, cut (whatever size you want) and folder into half. After cut a little design to the opening of the folded card.


  • To the front of the card, write Merry Christmas, place some glue and green glitter over the writing. To two of the corners place some glue and star decorations.

WP_20171218_08_01_34_Pro (2)

  • Next using the green Styrofoam paper, cut three triangles, different sizes. Glue them onto the opening of the card, starting with the smallest first. Then using the yellow paper and gold glitter cut and decorate a star, gluing it to the tree.


  • Next place some decorations on the tree.


  • To the next side of the card, write a little Christmas greeting, add some more decor and you are finished. 

WP_20171218_08_51_26_Pro (2)

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