Sporty Saturdays #5

Finally, the NBA All Star has arrived, one of my favourite events on the sporting calendar for the year. Here players get a weekend to relax and have some fun away from the NBA season.

Kicking things off was the Ruffles Celebrity Game, were we saw different names like Jamie Foxx, Quavo, Andre de Grasse and Paul Pierce just to name a few apart of Team Clippers and Kris Wu, Nate Robinson, Justin Bieber and Rachel Demita, Team Lakers, who all took part in this friendly celebrity game. At the end of the, Team Clippers were victorious with Quavo of the group Migos  earning the MVP award, ending with 19 pts, 5 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals. After watching this game, the LA Clippers could offer Quavo a 10 day contract, the dude can play.


The next event of the night was the Kickstart Rising Challenge where we saw the rookies and other players who have been in the league approximately 2-3 years take part in this challenge. There was loads of dunking and three point shooting, really entertaining to watch, the NBA’s future is bright. This challenge saw two teams, Team World and Team USA. So Team World consisted of players from different parts of the world who are apart of the NBA. I had to support Team World, because Buddy Hield who plays for the Sacramento Kings represented the Bahamas, got to support my fellow Caribbean country. 

Team World came out on top, beating Team USA 155-124 with Bogdan Bogdanovic representing Team World Serbia and Sacramento Kings claimed the MVP award. He ended with figures of 26pts, 4 rebounds and 4 assists.




Upcoming events for the NBA All Star Weekend, Saturday 17th February 2018, Dunk Contest, Skills Challenge and  3 Point Contest. These three events are my favourite, excited to see them.

My Predictions:

Skills Challenge – Joel Embiid

Slam Dunk Contest – Donovan Mitchell

3 Point Contest – Eric Gordon or Klay Thompson 



Sunday 18th February 2018, the NBA All Star Weekend ends with All Star Match, Team LeBron vs Team Curry.

My prediction: Team LeBron wins


You can catch all the action on ESPN.

NB: Photos for this post courtesy: NBA All Star Weekend

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