NBA Finals, Game 2 – Recap

There isn’t much to say about game 2 but, can we say it’s over for the Cavaliers or could they redeem themselves in game 3 on home court? Cleveland Cavaliers suffered another defeat in game 2, Warriors outscoring them 122-103 to take a 2-0 lead in the series.  Stephen Curry, the major highlight in game 2 of the NBA Finals, created NBA Finals history after shooting nine three pointers. Curry made shooting from the 3-pt line look easy, some shots looked like they were not going in, but guess what they did, it was really incredible to watch, probably the king of 3-pt shooting, in my opinion.

Leading the the way for the Cavilers were LeBron James and Kevin Love who both ended with 20+ points. The Cleveland Cavilers need to put on a miraculous performance for game 3 in order to keep their series alive, if not they are going down 4-0. 

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