Bloggers Support Bloggers Challenge

What is this challenge all about?

“So I made this challenge because I want to spread love in the blogging community– and the easiest way to spread love is to support your co-blogger. In this way, there will be an endless chain of support in the blogosphere and I really hope for everyone to participate in this challenge. It’s also a way to tell a blogger how much you love their work, posts, writings and it’s also a way to promote new bloggers and help them grow in this community. Let us all spread love and together we can change the world. ❤” – Jirah


  1. Thank the one who has tagged you for this challenge and link their blog site.
  2. Add the official photo in your page.
  3. List at least 5 bloggers you like. (Suggestion: You can list up 3 bloggers that you’ve known for a long time and you can also list up 2 newbies or more. It’s up to you though!)
  4. Give a short description about why you love the blogger.
  5. Tag at least 3 bloggers to do the challenge.
  6. Put #bloggerssupportbloggers in the Tags section so whenever a blogger is looking for new blogs to read, it will be easier to find!

Firstly, I ‘ll like to thank the ever so lovely Cherylene from Living vs Exsisting for challenging me to this post. Since I started my blogging journey back in 2017, she has been there from the beginning till now always showing support, that I truly appreciate. Some of the content that Cherylene posts include: relationships, health and wellness, music and poetry, to experience her blog please do click on the link provided. Special thanks to Cherylene once again for nominating me to do this challenge. 

Simple Serenity


Simple Serenity – This is my go to blogger when it comes to things relating to fashion, makeup or reviews of different products. In addition she also does post about different blogging tips and tricks, blogging awards, skin and care, so do take time to check out this phenomenal blogger and show some support. 

Gigi Maenda

2018-06-28 (1)

Gigi Maenda – I recently followed this blogger, she has some interesting content with weight loss and fitness. After reading several of her post I gained a lot of knowledge in relation to eating healthy and becoming fit, which is beneficial to me since I’m on a weight loss journey.  Check her out and show some support. 

Personal Growth Success Blog

2018-06-28 (2)

Personal Growth Success Blog – This blog was created by the lovely Jessica, who has content about various topics, two of my favorites are motivational and inspirational types of post. To be honest after reading some of her posts, they have helped me in my everyday life, so when you’ll get a chance do make sure to check out this incredible blogger out. 

30 Plus Teams 30 Plus Dreams

2018-06-28 (5)

30 Plus Teams 30 Plus Dreams – If you are looking for a blog about travelling, this is surely a blog for you. Creator of this blog, Jo Ann posts contents on her recent traveling, with inclusion of different tips and tricks, what’s in my suitcase, different meals she may have tried from a different city or country. In addition, she is also  a sports lovers, so do show some support to Jo Ann when you’ll get a chance. 

Discovering Your Happiness

2018-06-28 (6)

Discovering Your Happiness – This is another one of my go to blogs when it comes to motivation and inspiration. Posts on this blog vary from health and fitness, recipes and inspiration just to name a few. Some of the content on this blog has helped me in certain situations, which I am very grateful for. So please click on the link provided and show some support to this very special blogger. 

I will like to nominate the mentioned bloggers above to do this challenge. 

I understand that not everyone chooses to participate in these challenges/tag but if you do choose to participate I would love to see some of your favourite bloggers. Thank you for the time and effort you put into your blogs. Keep blogging 🙂

Thank you for reading. 💖

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