Weightloss Wednesdays #8

Hey there readers, welcome back to yet another edition of "Weightloss Wednesdays" and in today's post I will be sharing a fitness app that im using for my morning workouts. In the past my morning workouts would have been either walking, running or jogging. For the month of March I decided to switch it up … Continue reading Weightloss Wednesdays #8

Weightloss Wednesdays #6

It's Wednesday, time for another post about weightloss. Sometimes weightloss could be a difficult thing, however it doesn't have to been. With that being said, in today's post I will be discussing three ways that should help keep you motivated throughout your weightloss journey. 🏋 STOP MAKING EXCUSES Just get up and start. Ain't nobody … Continue reading Weightloss Wednesdays #6